Artist Showcase – Still Corners

Greg Hughes and Tessa Murray appear to be two charismatic but unassuming individuals. They’re assuredly stylish and perhaps a trifle understated. Their look however does not tell the epic story of their beautiful creativity. The duo met by chance at a London train stop in 2009 and it is our remarkable fortune as listeners and music lovers that they did. Their collaborative efforts, in this author’s opinion, have produced music that is nothing short of masterful. It is quite nearly inconceivable that two artists could produce the intricately constructed and breathtaking musical storyboards that they do. These masterworks are haunting, provocative, and wonderfully immersive in a manner that is as dreamlike as they are entertaining. The albums are all exquisite and will be reviewed in greater detail in the future but one would be hard- pressed to find any of Still Corners’ efforts to be disappointing. Slow Air is an excellent and recommended starting point for the new listener. Their music is available on their site as follows: